Kris Herzog famous celebrity bodyguard kris herzog of the Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills ca 90210Kris Herzog famous celebrity bodyguard kris herzog of the Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills ca 90210

Our Services & Mission Statement

The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills is a free job placement, security consulting and free jobs group for Police, Navy SEALS & Elite U.S. Veterans.

The Bodyguard Group Mission Statement:

A PERFECT Record NO client injury, NO serious accidents and NO Kim Kardashian type robberies since 1967. What you see on our site is less than 1% of our members 50 years of experience.

Beverly Hills Bodyguards, Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills 90210, The Navy SEAL Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills, Our mission is to provide Elite United States Veterans with ~ FREE ~ referrals for long term employment and to provide our clients with referrals to U.S. Veterans and off duty Police since 1967. Who is protecting you and Who have they protected ? A 50 year perfect record since 1967: NO client injury ever. Our Members: U.S. Navy SEALS, Police, Celebrity Bodyguards, Executive Protection, K-9 units.

COUNTER SNIPER overwatch teams to avoid a Las Vegas type of incident by immediately locating and eliminating a sniper. They have Protected: The World’s Rich and Famous, Over 50 A-List Celebrities, U.S. Presidential Candidates, Saudi Royal family in Los Angeles, Mexico Presidents family, Movie sets and TV sets, Beverly Hills Billionaire Estate party event security, non invasive weapons checks. Your PRIVACY: This website ONLY shows 1% of our Celebrity Bodyguards and Executive Protection members history, 99% is Confidential.

Your Privacy and Confidentiality are protected 100%, the ONLY work photo’s and video’s on our web site are at the owners request & the owners permission, ONLY then is it put on our site. Navy SEAL Team members, The Elite of the Elite. ANYTHING ~ ANYWHERE ~ ANYTIME ~ NO EXCUSES ~ JUST RESULTS.

Thank you for supporting the Troops with more than words and a bumper sticker by hiring our members, United States Veterans & Law Enforcement Officers.

SERVICES OFFERED by our Elite members since 1967

Any work that requires a security presence is done by Metropolitan Public Safety CA PPO # 14722.

We have referrals for actors, actresses, Nurses, technical advisors for ALL areas, set security and safety, set fire safety, set first aid, traffic control with off duty Police motorcycles, K-9 units, child care, teachers, fitness training experts from SEAL / Spec Ops units, transportation with our Cadillac Escalades Presidential Motorcades and Armored vehicles, you name it and we can do it, NO excuses, just results.

Protecting the World’s Rich and Famous Celebrities. Beverly Hills Bodyguards, Beverly Hills estate security services WITH NON EVASIVE FULL BODY WEAPONS CHECKS including K-9 units that can detect a weapon or explosives from up to 100 feet away in certain wind conditions. Beverly Hills party event security including counter sniper security to avoid a Las Vegas type incident.

Child Care, Child Safety, Kids Team Building Adventures with Navy SEAL’S, Drivers for Kids to School, Worldwide Traveling Child Care, After School activities, Team Building and Paint ball rescue mission adventures with Navy SEAL’S, Nanny & Child Safety, Self Defense, Kidnapping prevention. We have Paramedics, RN’s & Doctors for all areas of in home medical care, Pet care, Executive & Personal Assistants, Nannies, Cooks, Landscapers, Pool Cleaners, Fish & Pond care, Tutors, swimming, child, pet water safety training, Karate / Self Defense, Child & Nanny Safety training, Home safety training & more….

Male & Female Personal Fitness Trainers including U.S. Navy SEAL and Special Forces fitness instructors. Transportation planning, Cars, Limo’s, Boats, Planes & Helicopters, Aircraft and vehicle Safety Inspections and background checks on your Pilot before you fly. Earthquake Bodyguard & K-9 Teams that automatically respond to your house after any Earthquake or Power Failure and much more….

Paparazzi Counter Measures TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), counter sniper and counter surveillance teams and more…. Bug Sweeps (Home & Car), Counter Surveillance, Risk Assessment, Presidential Protective Detail Level Threat Evaluations & Reports. Tour Risk Analysis Security Plan per City / Stadium / Arena / Stage, Ballistic Protection Measures, Bullet Proof clothing for adults, children and pets. Postal Mail / Email Screening, Fan mail, corporate confidential email and letters, bonded courier services. Complete Driver services, Kids to & from School, Airport runs, Limo, Executive car, any form of transportation, Nanny Defensive driving & much more.


Work that requires a security presence is done by Metro Public Safety PPO # 14722.



Celebrity Bodyguards and Executive Protection member photos

Our Executive Protection Celebrity Beverly Hills Bodyguard members have protected the Worlds Rich & Famous Including but NOT limited to : Presidents, United States Senator’s & Congressmen, Governors and Foreign Leader’s, Barack Obama, George Bush, Sen. John McCain, Jon Voight, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and family, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and many more Photos are on this page.


Our Celebrity Bodyguards & Executive Protection members speak 17 different languages