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The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills is a free job placement, security consulting and free jobs group for Police, Navy SEALS & Elite U.S. Veterans. Founded in 1967 by U.S. Veterans, The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills has a 50 year perfect record, NO client injury ever, no excuses. 100% Navy SEALS, Elite U.S. Veterans and off duty CA Police Officers, NO rent a guards in The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills. We are NOT a security company, any work which requires a security license is done by Metropolitan Public Safety PPO # 14722.


Senior Command Staff and E-Mail Contact List:

Kris, Owner of T.B.G.O.B.H. and United States Veteran:

Tom, (Active Duty) Volunteer National Executive Director:

Richard Davis, International & Special Operations Director:

James, Beverly Hills, Malibu, West L.A. and ALL of California:

Steve, EAST COAST FL, NY and Midwest Operations Director:

Tim, Team building, Fitness & Navy SEAL Paintball Adventures:

Armored Luxury cars for rent in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas / All USA:




Our Elite of the Elite Executive Protection Celebrity and Bodyguards has protected the Worlds Rich & Famous
Including but NOT limited to : Presidents, United States Senator’s & Congressmen, Governors and Foreign Leader’s,
Barack Obama, George Bush, Sen. John McCain, Jon Voight, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson, Britney Spears,
Paris Hilton and family, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and many more Photos are on this page