Navy SEAL Team Veterans U.S. Domestic & International Travel Security

  • Our SEAL & SF Veterans can travel with you and another Team in advance of you to prepare your vacation in advance and make sure everything is 100% SAFE from day 1.
  • GPS tracking service, we track you on your trip 24/7, if you go off course or if you hit your GPS panic button, we alert the authorities and guide a RESCUE mission to your GPS location, if needed we will request SEAL TEAM 6 or DELTA.
  • If searched by your kidnappers, they can not find your SECRET HIDDEN Emergency GPS device and we then can guide a RESCUE mission to your GPS location and SAVE you & your families life.
  • We Plan your vacation for you and then track you and your loved ones step by step, inch by inch, on your ENTIRE vacation to keep you and your loved ones SAFE 24/7.
  • Airplane Safety, Background Checks on the Pilot & Plane BEFORE you fly. Helicopter Safety, Background Check on the Pilot & Helicopter BEFORE you fly.
  • Boat safety, we track your GPS location 24/7 and notify you of any storms or pirate activity in your area and if we lose radio communication with you, we send in a RESCUE team. Our SEAL Team members train you on SEA survival and safety.
  • Child safety, we give your children toys and clothing with GPS built in, so if you lose track of them, we can guide you to them 24/7 and RESCUE them if needed.
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