Famous Celebrity Bodyguard Kris Herzog  Famous Celebrity Bodyguard Kris Herzog BIO & F.B.I. background checks. Famous celebrity bodyguard Kris Herzog has spent his entire adult life helping his fellow U.S. Veterans with FREE job placement. Kris Herzog is a United States Veteran, famous celebrity bodyguard and owner of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills and executive protection is a consulting and FREE jobs group for Police, Navy SEALS and U.S. Veterans. Established in 1967, Our celebrity bodyguard for hire members have a perfect record NO client injury ever. Los Angeles and Beverly hills celebrity bodyguards for hire, executive protection. Beverly Hills 90210 estate party event security services. Beverly Hills security services.  Famous Celebrity Bodyguard Kris Herzog Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. Our elite U.S. Veterans, Navy SEALS, off duty Federal Law Enforcement Officers and off duty Police members. Off duty Los Angeles police celebrity bodyguards for hire and executive protection, party event estate security and more. ANY work that requires a security license is serviced by Metropolitan Public Safety (CA STATE PPO License #14722) for info click “learn more”.  Famous Celebrity Bodyguard Kris Herzog In these public news media videos Our Beverly Hills police bodyguards for hire, celebrity bodyguards, executive protection members have protected the World’s Rich and Famous Celebrities. Beverly Hills estate armed off duty police officer security services. Los Angeles and Beverly Hills 90210 party event armed celebrity security services, including counter sniper security to avoid a Las Vegas type mass shooting incident.


Kris Herzog

Owner and U.S. Veteran ,