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Bodyguard Jeff, Protection Detail Commander
Iraq Combat Veteran: United States Marines Celebrity Bodyguard Supervisor

Jeff has Protected: Alyssa Milano (in Iraq), Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Baby Suri, Leonardo DiCaprio,
Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Ozzy Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton & others

Jeff Protecting
Tom Cruise
and Katie Holmes

Jeff Protecting
Jennifer Lopez

Combat Veteran: United States Marine Corps
Iraq Combat Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Jeff in Iraq with Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is a True American Hero who risked her life
and went all the way to Iraq to Support our Troops in Combat

Jeff Being Interviewed by Lt.Col Oliver North of FOX NEWS in Iraq

Celebrity Bodyguard Kris Herzog being interviewed as a Celebrity Safety Expert   Celebrity Bodyguard Kris Herzog and
a Navy SEAL Team, SWAT & K-9 unit


Protecting High Profile Celebrity clients against the Paparazzi & Aggressive Fans

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