Kris Herzog, famous celebrity bodyguard kris herzog of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly HIlls 90210K-9 Units that have protected the World’s Rich & Famous

RETIRED K-9 UNITS, Advanced & Basic Dog Training, PET Sitting, Dog boarding, FULLY trained Dog SALES. We use our K-9 Units to: deter anyone from trying to bring any Guns / Firearms into your nightclub, business or party event. Our K-9 Units are very friendly & can be petted by anyone. OUR MEMBERS CHARGE $350.00 an hour for a Armed 3 man team with K-9 Unit. The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills is a free job placement, security consulting by Police, Navy SEALS & Elite U.S. Veterans. Est. 1967 by U.S. Veterans, The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills has a 50 year perfect record No client injury ever, no excuses. 100% Navy SEALS, Elite U.S. Veterans and off duty Police Officers, no rent a guards with: The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills. ALL of OUR Dog Trainers are CERTIFIED K-9 unit’s and U.S. Veterans FREE OF CHARGE FOR ANY COMBAT DEPLOYED MILITARY MEMBERS FAMILY.


We use K-9 Units to STOP any Terrorist Gunman from bringing Guns / Firearms into
your nightclub or ANY party events. Our K-9 Units are friendly and good with kids.
Minimum: 4 hours x $ 350.00 an hour for an Armed 3 man team with K-9 Unit.
Discounts available for long term employment and full payment in advance.