Hurrican Katrina Protecting The Governor of Mississippi
During National TV Interview in the Hurricane Katrina Disaster area
Hurricanes Katrina & Rita 2005 & Ike 2008
We have over 700 L.E., Military, L.E. & Medic members that can RESPOND ANYWHERE IN THE USA IN 24 HOURS OR
LESS. Our Owner Kris & Over 200 Members Deployed to Katrina & Rita and were the ONLY
PRIVATE Company in America allowed to be in charge of Police / Security Operations at 2 Official F.E.M.A. 1st responder
Camps in the Katrina & Rita Disaster Areas. Our Owner Kris was Director of Safety at both Official FEMA Camps.
Kris of
and the United States Army Military Police
Rescue the Only American Flag that
survived Katrina in a 25 mile Disaster area
Katrina 2005
F.E.M.A. Camp
^National NEWS       ^Governor
of Mississippi
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