The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills is a security consulting and FREE job referrals group for Police, Navy SEALS & Elite U.S. Veterans. Est. in 1967 by U.S. Veterans, The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills has a perfect record since 1967, NO client injury ever, no excuses. 100% Navy SEALS and….

Our members can provide 100% of everything you need, anything, anywhere, anytime, NO excuses, just results. Movie and TV sets, our 700+ U.S. Veteran and Police members can DO IT ALL, we are NOT a rent a guard security company, work that requires a PPO is done in CA under PPO License #14722 and….

In these public news media videos Our Beverly Hills Bodyguards and Celebrity Bodyguard and Executive Protection members are protecting the World’s Rich and Famous Celebrities. Beverly Hills Bodyguards High Risk Protective Detail of a wife of President of a Foreign Country with off duty Police Officers and….

Who is protecting you and Who have they protected ?

We are:  Navy SEALS, Police, Celebrity Bodyguards, Executive Protection and K-9 units. We have Protected:  A-List Celebrities, U.S. Presidential Candidates, Senators, Congressmen, Saudi Royal family in Los Angeles, Mexico Presidents wife, daughter, Movie sets, TV sets, Billionaire Estates. Your PRIVACY:  This is ONLY 1% of our elite of the elite celebrity bodyguards, executive protection agents 50 year work history since 1967, 99% of our work is: Confidential.


U.S. Secret Service Protective Bubble system that we use for all clients.
Our Protective Bubble 5 layer system has never been defeated EVER. For 1 bodyguard you see, there are
1 or more bodyguards you do not see. Left: You only see 1 bodyguard. Right: there were in fact 5 bodyguards.

Left photo: You only see 1 bodyguard.Right photo: there were in fact 5 bodyguards.

Our 50 year history since 1967 as told by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & Fox News.

Clients Privacy: This site shows 1% of our history since 1967, 99% of our work is Confidential. In our video’s,
our Beverly Hills Bodyguards with: Jon Voight, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Kim Kardashian,
Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Paul, Lebron James,
Eva Longoria, Jack Nicholson, U.S. Presidential Candidates & more.

Thank You Aissa Wayne and the John Wayne Family for supporting the Troops and our U.S. Veteran
owned business The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills since 1967 FREE of charge
job placement group for Elite United States Veterans and Police.


Our executive protection & celebrity bodyguards must be a current or honorably retired Police Officer, Navy SEAL Team or other Elite United States Veteran to be in our group.

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